Thursday, January 9, 2014

La finta schiava - 2007

As I was looking for a subject for my university thesis, I discovered the unattributed set of orchestral parts of this colorful intermezzo in the Biblioteca Estense of Modena. I find out that it was written in 1754 by the Spanish composer Francisco J. García Fajer, who went to Naples to study in one of the famous conservatories and wrote some stage works and oratorios in Rome, before he returned to Spain, where he dedicated the rest of his life to sacred music.
I organized the first (and - alas - only) modern staging of this funny Don Pasquale-like farce in two acts in a little theatre in Tuscany. The production was set in the carefree '80s - as it could be inferred from the poster inspired by Pierre et Gilles - because I wanted to stress the obsession of money which drives all the characters of the drama. The sets were designed and built by students of the Accademia delle Belle Arti of Florence. 

Francisco J. García Fajer - La finta schiava 
(Campiglia Marittima, Teatro dei Concordi, 5-6 August 2007)

Arianna Donadelli (Lucrina), Alice Molinari (Dorindo), Paolo V. Montanari (Aromato), Orchestra of the Istituto "Orazio Vecchi" of Modena, Mario Sollazzo (conductor & harpsichord), Gabriele Del Medico (set designer), Giovanni Munari (poster)

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